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Jerry Isdale, self portait at Yosemite

I am a Research Staff Scientist in the Human Centered Systems Lab of HRL LLC. I used to do freelance writing for VRNews but it went under a few years ago.  I am NOT looking for work but for those looking for some background info here is an out of date resume

The Loon.
Bardings: thoughts on life, the universe, and everything -- written long ago. 

The Mohawk Movies: Low Res Med Res

My main professional interests are Visualization/VR , Information Retrieval, Usability, and Software Engineering.

VR News Magazine:   I wrote the Technology Review column for this defunct magazine.
VR Links & Info:        I kept a fair sized set of links and other info on Virtual Reality. They are pretty out of date now, but ...
What Is VR? paper  This is my introductory paper that got lots of circulation on the net. Last official update was in 2000.

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Chuck Isdale owns and maintains the site.  Chuck and I have not yet determined how we are related, but we now have a common cyberspace location. Thanks Chuck!
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